Cozy Chic: Starring Vintage Striped-Skirt

As the weather is getting colder, and it most certainly is getting colder rapidly, I find myself reaching for trousers every day. To snap myself out of the routine, I decided to wear a vintage skirt I thrifted from my local Goodwill a few years back. I chose it because it is a midi length and made from a thicker material.

File Nov 14, 9 05 07 PM.jpeg

I paired it with my deep red cashmere turtleneck which matched my signature red lips. By wearing cashmere on top, I felt warm enough to bare my legs with a skirt. When I wore this last week in Newcastle, we experienced freezing temperatures and even snow! Luckily, this cozy-chic look provided me with enough warmth to go about my day in style. 

File Nov 14, 8 16 47 PM.jpeg

What I love about this skirt, is its 50s silhouette. While wearing it, I feel the glamor of the 50s but  modern. The bold stripes in varying widths make any outfit grab attention and add a sense of playfulness. But perhaps best of all, this skirt has pockets!! 

File Nov 14, 9 04 11 PM.jpeg
File Nov 14, 9 11 34 PM.jpeg