Halloween Costume 2017: Dressed Up Like a Virgin

The past few weeks I have been listening to a lot of 80s pop so when I was thinking up Halloween costume ideas, Madonna immediately came to mind. At first, I was undecided on which of her iconic looks I wanted to recreate, but Like a Virgin is one of my favorite Madonna songs so I decided to commit to white lace and tulle for Halloween. Click here to see the original look on Madonna herself. 

Showing off my  white lace tights  from Asos and my  white retro pumps  from Stradivarius (also available on  Asos ).

Showing off my white lace tights from Asos and my white retro pumps from Stradivarius (also available on Asos).

It took me so long to decide though, so I once again had to turn to trusted Asos for my online shopping needs to create my costume as I was in a rush. I ordered the Asos Isla Mix & Match Circle Underwire Bodysuit and a white tulle skirt. As I was dressing up as Madonna, I of course needed some cross earrings! I chose a baroque style of cross earrings in gold that were a Halloween special on Asos. 


To really give the base costume that "Madonna" touch, I bought fishnet gloves and lace fingerless gloves from a party shop and rushed off to my local Oxfam to buy costume jewelry. As my Asos parcel for my costume arrived a few hours before I had to get ready to go out for Halloweekend, I had no margin for error. Luckily, the Oxfam had plenty of different bangles and a few chain necklaces that worked out perfectly. The jewelry really brought the whole costume together and transformed me from an ordinary gal in white lace and tulle into Madonna. Remember, it's all about the details! 


All in all, it was a very successful night. Newcastle was very energetic, and thankfully plenty of others were all dressed up and not just me. I got tons of compliments on my costume. I am a bit sad that my Boy Toy belt didn't arrive in time, but this was such a fun look perhaps I'll find another occasion to wear it. 

Rhoya Selden