How to Get to Zalipie, Poland for its Floral Murals

On my last day of my study abroad in Poland, I decided to go to a small village named Zalipie near Tarnow. My friend in America showed me pictures and I was desperate to go. I didn’t realize it would be so hard to get to, but the beautiful hand-painted flowers on the homes made the trek worth it! 

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Zalipie, Poland is a beautiful little village known for its floral murals on its houses. The women of the village began painting the floral designs in the 19th century in order to cover up soot marks on their homes. I think this idea is creative problem solving at its best!


As it was a spontaneous day trip, I had only five minutes to get ready and head out the door to catch the train. I picked this bold, bright red Asos dress because I knew I wanted to take photos with the floral murals and the bright red matched perfectly.

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To get to Zalipie from Krakow, you have to first take a train to Tarnow. I recommend spending some time in Tarnow while you are there. You might as well explore a bit of it while you're there.

I went on Chorpus Christi Day, however, and everything but the churches were closed. That is one major thing to keep in mind while traveling in Poland. It’s still an extremely religious country, and for any Catholic holiday, it shuts down so people can go to church.

If you are there during Easter, or another religious holiday, don’t be disheartened! It’s the perfect time to visit the beautiful churches and get an authentic glimpse of Polish culture.


After you’re done exploring Tarnow, unfortunately the only way I found to get there is to go by car. I took a taxi to the village, which admittedly was a bit expensive. Once I arrived, I instantly knew why it was so hard to get to Zalipie. It’s very remote, and the village was even smaller than I expected. Zalipie is practically one lane with homes.


Once you arrive, you can stroll down the lanes and look at the different homes' murals. One old lady even lets you visit inside of her house as a sort of private museum. From her, you can buy souvenirs with painted florals on them. I bought a pen holder with blue flowers to go on my desk. 

When you are done exploring, walk down to the only bar/restaurant/corner shop. There, you can call a taxi to come and meet you there for as smooth as possible return back to Tarnow. I remember my boyfriend and I panicked a bit when we wanted to go home thinking we'd either have to walk all of the way back to Tarnow or hitch hike, neither of which we wanted to do. Luckily, after doing some walking we managed to find the only restaurant/bar and were saved. Thank goodness! 

 This advice is based on my own experience trying to get to Zalipie. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy your trip!