Labor Day Look

There is a heat wave going on in the West Coast, and the sky is hazy from smoke. For my Labor Day Weekend, I headed off to the Northern Cascades to Diablo Lake to escape the city and cool off by the water. 

My outfit was the perfect balance of cute and casual. I had to keep it simple and comfortable while in the great outdoors. I wore this floral vintage shirt that I thrifted from Goodwill because I thought it would look perfect with the water and mountains in the background. This colorful gem did not disappoint! The teal hues of the water brought out the blue in the shirt, meanwhile the greenery of the forest contrasted nicely against the coral flowers. 


I paired the vintage shirt with Levi's denim shorts to keep it simple. Dressed like this, I was well-equipped to participate in outdoor activities and enjoy my day without sacrificing  style.