How to Dress For Spring When the Weather is Bad

As you can see here, it's raining so hard making the pavement so wet that it's showing my reflection! 

As you can see here, it's raining so hard making the pavement so wet that it's showing my reflection! 

 Hello everyone,

I hope you all UK-people enjoyed that little taste of summer last week as much as I did! Unfortunately, the weather is mostly back to doom and gloom and it is seeming to be a global trend. They say April showers bring May flowers so I'm hopeful the sunshine will return. However, being realistic I know most likely the terrible weather will inevitably continue.

Last Spring while living in Krakow I was wearing my heavy raincoat all the way through June! You could continue wearing your winter gear like I did last year. However if you're like me, this year you're desperate for it to feel like spring even when the weather won't cooperate.  So I want to give you a few quick tips on how to dress for spring when the weather is bad.

    How to dress for spring when the weather is bad

    Tip 1: Buy Some Pastel Jumpers 

    Okay this is probably the most important tip I have. When it's cold and rainy outside, is there anything you'd rather be wearing than a jumper? For me feeling warm and cozy is a major factor in deciding what I wear. So instead of wearing some of the darker colored jumpers you've been wearing months on end change things up. Wear jumpers in softer and lighter colors. When you wear a pastel jumper it still feels like spring, I promise!

    I bought an inexpensive striped pastel jumper on Asos a few weeks ago and I wore it five times in two weeks. Why did I wear it so many times in a row? Because it was my only jumper that still felt cheerful and spring-like. So to stop me from continuing to wear the same jumper everyday, I went on Zalando and ordered several more budget-friendly pastel jumpers including this yellow one.

    When I wore this outfit the other day my friend complimented me making a remark how my top was perfect for spring then looked confused and muttered, "except that's a jumper..." So her initial reaction was SPRING. But then she realized I was wearing the same sort of outfit I've been wearing since October.

    The pastel jumper is the perfect compromise for poor weather and are also perfect for layering over t-shirts and crop tops for those days when the weather can't make up it's mind. 

    Here are links to my favorite budget-friendly pastel jumpers that you will probably be seeing on my Instagram if you haven't already: 

    • Mint Green: click here 
    • Buttercream Yellow (as seen on me here): click here. For more options, Reserved has loads of jumpers in a similar color: click here
    • Striped Pastel (the one I wore on repeat): click here
    • Soft Striped Pastels: click here
    • Baby Blue with balloon sleeves: click here
    • Lilac: click here
    • Striped Lilac: click here
    • Pink Jumper (as seen already on my Instagram in my pink monochromatic look): click here.  I got loads of compliments on my photos with this Nakd pink jumper. It's a bit pricier than the rest but in my opinion it's worth it and it's on sale now so even better!         Another great option: click here

    Tip 2: Wear Fabrics & Prints Associated With Spring and Summer

    In these photos, you can see me wearing a pair of high-waisted gingham trousers. These are amazing because they are warm due to the softer and thicker nature of the fabric but they're also that summer essential: gingham. So while I'm wearing something that is going to keep my legs from getting cold, I still feel like I am perfectly dressed for the season. These trousers are also the perfect high rise. When the weather gets warmer, I plan on pairing these trousers with crop tops so I don't have to worry about my future food babies from hanging out in the open. 

    Link to gingham trousers as seen on me: click here. These trousers are selling like hotcakes so there aren't many sizes left. They were sold out in my size, but I created an alert and bought them when they came back in stock. So not all hope is lost if they're no longer available in your size. I will add a note that although described as capri trousers, if you're on the shorter side like me (5'4) they fit like a normal length. 

    Similar gingham trousers: click here. If the Pull & Bear ones don't work out, I've found another really similar pair from Asos. Bonus: they're available in every size in both the regular and petite lengths.  


    Tip 3: Wear a Trench or Light Anorak Raincoat in a Fun Color 

    So a trench in the spring is really a no-brainer. It's classic and will always be a spring go to. I got mine from Zara last year while living in Poland and have received so many compliments on it. I have one in the traditional stone color. However, some of you might want to shake things up a bit from the ordinary. Because who wants to be the exact same as everyone else? Zara now has this amazing pink trench that I think is incredibly fun. I think it'd be impossible for this trench not to brighten up your day amongst the grey skies. 

    Link to pink trench: click here

    Or if you're like me and you don't want to worry about having to carry around an umbrella, opt for a light anorak raincoat with a hood. I got mine on sale at New Look as a practical birthday present to myself, and it's been getting a lot of use. I love the blue-green color I got mine in (of course). 

    My favorite thing about it and the reason why I got it is because of its cinched waist. Now I don't have to feel big and bulky while wearing rain-suitable gear like I did with my raincoats in the past. Instead, I still feel cute and feminine which overall boosts my confidence those days when you just have to wear a raincoat.

    It's also on the lighter side perfect for those days when it's pouring but not actually that cold but warm enough if you're wearing a jumper underneath on the cooler days. I also love how the lining on the inside is striped. The sleeves are sewn rolled up at the wrists so you have a wonderful contrasting striped cuff. 

    Link to hooded raincoats with cinched waists: click here. This coat comes in loads of colors and in petite sizes. I opted for a petite size because my body frame is quite small. It fits perfectly and I still have room for a jumper underneath. 

    Me trying to stay positive and smile meanwhile I'm soaking wet and the rain is messing up my hair.

    Me trying to stay positive and smile meanwhile I'm soaking wet and the rain is messing up my hair.

    Tip 4: Opt For A Coral Lipstick 

    I mostly wear red lipsticks if you haven't already noticed. However when spring comes around I wear loads of coral colors. Whether you prefer a more orange or pink hue, a coral lipstick will definitely boost your spirits and make you feel like it's spring. This little detail is the perfect touch to finish things off.

    Two years ago in Seattle, I had a bit of an obsession. This led me to buying quite a few different shades. Most of them were from a drugstore so they were inexpensive and that's my excuse. After experimenting with the different shades I have a few favorites that I use and sometimes blend together.

    Sidenote: do any of you blend your lipsticks? I love mixing the colors in mine to create something new. 

    I have a light-olive skin tone on my face and these are ones I found looked most flattering on me:

    Orangey-coral shade: Revlon Crème 750 "Kiss me Coral" click here. This one is by far my favorite and the one I usually reach for. It's also the shade I'm wearing in these photos. 

    Medium Pinkish-coral shade: Revlon Crème 702 "Blasé Apricot" click here

    Lighter pinkish-coral shade: Gerard Cosmetics "Tequila Sunrise" click here


    Which tip is your favorite?


    Love, Rhoya