Lakeland Leather and the Slow Fashion Movement (gifted)

Growing up in a family that gains its main income from a small business, I'm always in favour of supporting local businesses around me. So when Lakeland Leather reached out to me to work together, I was delighted. I spend half of each week living in Cumbria, so collaborating with a brand that started out as a small family business in the Lake District is a dream. Better yet,  Lakeland Leather is actually a company I feel passionate about. 

Lakeland Leather Grasmere Biker Jacket

Lakeland Leather is a company I'm proud to work with not only because of their products' top notch quality, but also because of their values. They ethically source all of their materials and when I met them, I could clearly see their passion for their craft. 

And it's a good thing they're passionate about working leather, because it takes them over 6 months to make each leather jacket they sell. With time-consuming production standards, Lakeland Leather is definitely part of the slow fashion movement.

My reasons for changing my consumer habits  

Reducing my consumer habits is something that has been on my mind for the last month. This is partly because it's being talked about a lot currently, but also because of my upcoming life circumstances.

Next year, I will start school direct teacher training, and because I haven't been a UK resident for three years quite yet, I don't qualify for any financial aid or bursaries. This means come September, I will be paying tuition to work for free in a full time teaching job while also being a student myself. Money is going to be extremely tight. Following fast fashion trends that will only be popular for a few months will not be financially viable for me. 

Navy Leather Biker Jacket

Of course, there are also the environmental reasons. I want to contribute as little as possible to the nasty effects fast fashion has on our planet. We must all try to make sacrifices to take care of Mother Earth who takes care of us. 

 Lastly, my mental health also plays a part as to why I want to buy less. Instagram has gotten me down this year constantly feeling like I'm not enough and I don't have enough. Which is ridiculous, because I know I'm enough and seeming as my closet is completely bursting at the seams, I definitely have enough! I want to get away from the mindset of constantly wanting and more into appreciating what I already have. Easier said than done. 

Lakeland Leather Jackets

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to stop buying altogether, or even stop buying from fast fashion brands. I think it's an unrealistic to expect everyone to do so if I'm honest. Most of us simply can't afford not to. But what I have been trying, and will continue to do so, is to be more conscious of what I buy. And when I can, support ethical brands, such as Lakeland Leather, where I know I will be cherishing their pieces for years. 

Green Stradivarius Trousers

My Lakeland Leather Jacket: The Grasmere Leather Biker in Navy

Now, let me tell you about the jacket I'm wearing. As a disclaimer, I will mention that Lakeland Leather did kindly gift it to me, but after wearing it these past few weeks, I can honestly say I would pay for one myself in the future. 

My jacket is the Grasmere Leather Biker Jacket in Navy. Staying true to its roots, Lakeland Leather named it after a beautiful part of the Lake District. The jacket is crafted from Nappa leather for a soft, smooth, and silky appearance. It's designed to age beautifully so a soft sheen called "patina" will develop to add character to the leather for a unique look.

The jacket is slim fitting and it looks great with high-waisted jeans and skirts. Its embellishments include studded lapels, epaulettes, asymmetric zip, chunky metal hardware, and zipped cuffs. It's also the perfect weight for Spring weather—it will keep you warm, but not too hot. 

Lakeland Leather Jackets

If you've also been working on being a wiser consumer, I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!