Is the Naked Dress the New LBD?

the .naked dress

Hello everyone, 

Today I want to discuss whether the naked dress is the new LBD (little black dress). If you've watched Sex and the City, chances are you know the story behind the naked dress. Carrie Bradshaw has a photoshoot in a nude-color dress for her column and then goes on her first date with Big. Both Carrie and Big have a hard time restraining themselves due to the provocativeness of her nude color dress that makes her look "naked." The naked dress stirs up their passion and they get busy

Ever since I saw that episode several years ago, I have been on the lookout for a naked dress for a sexy yet sophisticated look. About a month ago I decided to buy this dress from Nasty Gal because it still fit under the naked dress aesthetic but it was more casual—perfect for everyday use. Its only downside is due to the linen nature of the fabric is that it wrinkles extremely easily. 

For my Nasty Gal naked dress: click here. For my H&M gold earrings: click here. For my Ebay cat eye sunglasses: click here

Rhoyally Chic in the naked dress

What I really love about this dress is the way it hugs the curves in all the right places largely due to the seam at the natural waistline. In Paris, I wore it just plain with gold sandals, gold dangle earrings and cat eye sunglasses. This combination created a simple yet sophisticated look perfect to walk the Parisian streets. By wearing accessories that blended well with my skin color, the naked dress had the full effect it was designed for. 

Another huge bonus I discovered is that the naked dress goes with everything. The LBD is such a classic is because you can slip it on and dress it up or down and it will go with everything. I found that the naked dress has the exact same qualities that make the LBD a wardrobe staple. Being a neutral it literally goes with every other color or you can choose to pair it with neutral accessories to create the naked look. Either way, you can't go wrong with a naked dress. I think Carrie Bradshaw's stylist was onto something. Ladies, I highly recommend making room in your closets for a naked won't regret it!

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