Your Guide on What to Wear on the Fourth of July

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Hello everyone, 

You probably all know that I live in the north of England. However, I grew up in the land of the dollar bill. I lived in Seattle for 17 years. Then I lived in Poland for half of last year before moving back to the UK where I was born.  (To read more about me click here). This blog is written in mind for all my fellow Americans either back in the mainland or expats like me who will be celebrating American Independence Day abroad.

I'm thinking about throwing a Fourth of July barbecue and make the most of this amazing weather. A few months back, my friend invited me to an Australia Day party, and it was so much fun. I know it's a bit ironic though to throw an American Independence Day here. Hopefully, there are no hard feelings after 242 years haha. Anticipation has got me thinking as in preparation for any event, what should I wear? If you have plans to celebrate chances are the same question has popped into your head. So here is my style guide of what to wear on the Fourth of July. 

Fourth of July Outfit Idea

You can look Americana without having to plaster American flags all over you. For me, I want to dress spirited while still remaining stylish. So if not a t-shirt with an American flag, what should you wear? The obvious answer is to wear red, white, and blue! I think the best look is if you wear something that has stripes such as these cropped flares. Then your outfit mimics the stripes of the US flag. Plus, stripes are huge this season so it's two birds with one stone. *In the voice of the most interesting man in the world* Stay on trend, my friends. 

I know the stripes on the flag are white and red, but I personally think blue and white stripes looks nicer. Red and white stripes look a bit like candy canes or Where's Waldo. However, you can totally stay true to the flag. Just switch the blue and white stripes for red and white and then add a pop of blue where I have my red. (Red and white stripe options: click here, here, and here.) Pull & Bear had these amazing jeans that were red, white, and blue stripes but they quickly sold out. However, you're in luck if you want stripes with all three colors. I've found this cute red, white, and blue striped denim skirt: click here.

Fourth of July Outfit Details

I paired this outfit with some red shoes for the final Americana effect. Voila, a very sophisticated and stylish yet spirited look. 

Fourth of July Outfit Idea

So this is the outfit I'm wearing to my Fourth of July Barbecue.


Fourth of July Outfit 1 Details

Red sunglasses: click here   |   Blue Top: click here  (similar click here)   |  Striped Jeans: cannot find these online but they're from H&M from two months ago (other blue & white striped pants: click here, herehere, here, and here)  |   Shoes: old Calvin Klein (similar: here. Other red shoes: here, here, here, and here.)    

However, I've got another outfit for all of you. Again, it sticks with the blue and white stripes theme. This time, instead of red on my feet, I wore red on top. The trick to putting outfits together is that once you find something that works, you can play around with it. In this case, I liked the look of red paired with blue and white stripes so much I made a different outfit with the same idea. New outfit, same idea. 

Fourth of July Outfit Idea

This outfit would be so perfect if you're having a day by the water. Because the skirt is a wrap skirt and the top buttons down from the front, it's really easy to put on and take off. I love the way the flounces on the top look with the wrap style of the skirt. I switched the red sunglasses for these amazing blue ones to avoid making the red overkill.  


Fourth of July Outfit 2 Details

Blue sunglasses: click here   |  Red top: click here   |  Blue & White Skirt: recently bought at H&M on the sales rack but it's no longer online (other blue & white striped skirts: click here, here, here, and here). 

Fourth of July Outfit Idea

It's a bit ironic because for the first few years after I moved to America, I refused to celebrate the Fourth of July. I remember dressing up in a Union Jack tank top and marching around in it on American Independence Day. I would complain and say if the Americans had lost, I would still be living as part of the UK. In later years, I only really celebrated when I was with my dad. With my mom, several times we drove to Canada (I know, very patriotic). However, since this is my second Fourth of July living abroad I've come to miss it. 

In America, my identity focused on my Persian heritage. In the UK, I've felt a lot more American than when I did living in America. Funny how that works. Everyone sees me as American and I'm the only one with a non-UK accent. Many people I've met up North have never met an American before because I don't live in a major international tourist location. My housemates even told me once that they felt like they were in a TV show listening to my accent. Because my American heritage makes me unique where I now live, I want to celebrate my American heritage this year. 

So moral of the story: celebrate what makes you unique and appreciate what you have. 

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas
Fourth of July Outfit Idea
Fourth of July Barbecue Outfit
Fourth of July Outfit Idea
Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Anyways, for the Americans out there celebrating: Happy Independence Day! I hope you all have a wonderful fourth of July spent with your loved ones. How are you spending your Fourth? 

Love, Rhoya