3 Snakeskin Print Outfit Ideas for Different Occasions

Stradivarius snakeskin print dress

Hello everyone! 

Whoever said “don’t be a snake” clearly did not know what they were saying. Snakeskin print is everywhere this season, and if you haven’t noticed, you have been living under a rock. This has got to be my favorite trend of AW18. Snakes are one of my favorite animals, and I have always loved the look of snakeskin. In my blog about my favorite trends of AW18, I said I would write about each trend in more detail. I decided I had to write a separate post for each type of animal print.  I think you’ll agree that they all deserve to shine in the spotlight!

Asos snakeskin print maxi dress

Since this is my favorite trend, I’m starting with three outfit ideas on how to style your snakeskin print pieces.

Stradivarius snakeskin dress

Snakeskin Outfit #1: For The Office

I wore this outfit in the office when I wanted to look both on trend and professional. I wore a snakeskin maxi dress from Asos. I quickly fell in love with this dress and dubbed it the modern regency dress. I found the name fitting because its empire waist and maxi length make me feel as if I am in a Jane Austen film. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be in a Jane Austen film?! Then I wore a black blazer on top and some gold jewelry to complete the look. It took me less than five minutes to get dressed in this ensemble, perfect for an early morning start.

Link to dress: click here. Link to similar black blazer: click here.


Snakeskin Outfit #2: For Date Night

If you’ve logged into your Instagram account, chances are you’ve seen that sold out Topshop snakeskin midi dress with the side slits. At first I was disappointed that most sizes were no longer available. When I went back to Seattle in August, I found the dress in my size. Sadly, the excitement quickly dispelled when I saw the price was £90. However, a few weeks ago I found the perfect dupe. Even better, the price was about 1/3 of the cost! In fact, I personally think the design is even nicer. Dress this up with some heels or a pair of heel booties if the weather is cold. Accessorize with jewelry and you are date night ready.

Link to dress: click here.

asos snakeskin print skirt

Snakeskin Outfit #3: Casual Weekend

This look is perfect for that Tinder coffee date you probably have next week. Roll in with this outfit and you’ll look effortlessly cool (and cute)! I wore it in the beginning of September when it was warmer. For the cooler weather, I’d make the following changes. First, I would substitute the thinner cotton off-shoulder top for a thicker off-shoulder knit. Second, I’d wear a pair of sheer black tights. Third, I’d wear black booties if it was raining.

Link to skirt: click here. Link to an off-shoulder knit: click here.

Asos snakeskin denim mini skirt

Which is your favorite outfit? To read about my other favorite AW18 trends, click here.

Love, Rhoya