The Doodle Trend: What You Should Be Wearing SS18

Doodle Trend

Hello ladies, 

Today I want to talk with all of you about one of my favorite trends of SS18: the doodle trend. I think this trend is so much fun and original. It's like all of the little faces I used to draw in my math notebooks during school when I was bored (which was most of math class) have decided to appear on clothes. Unfortunately, this Asos oversized doodle shirt is completely sold out; I actually managed to snag the last one left of any size in February. However, I have selected plenty of doodle/sketch pieces for you that are all lovely and have a similar concept.  


Doodle Clothing

1) Monki Doodle Shirt 

Monki Doodle Trend Shirt

This shirt is like a more fitted version of mine as pictured above except in reverse. I love how it's a dark blue with white doodle figures, reminding me of a blackboard but more elegant. This would look lovely with white trousers and a red handbag and lipstick for a peppy pop of color. 

Link to shirt: click here


2) Monki Doodle Oversized


Monki Doodle Trend Shirtdress

Essentially, this is the same as the shirt above just in an oversized dress form. This would look cute belted and some white boots for Spring. I'd keep the rest of the outfit simple so the dress takes center stage for a fun statement. 

Link to dress: click here 

3) Monki Body Loving Slogan

    Doodle Tee

Monki Doodle Trend Tshirt

For those of you wanting a casual piece, this tee is super cute and has a positive slogan. I also love that the design is in red. I love adding a pop of red in any outfit to go with my usual red lipstick. I picture this with a pair of black and white polkadot culottes for a casual-chic look. For a more simple outfit, this would look great with just a simple pair of jeans and white canvas trainers.  

Link to t-shirt: click here

4) Monki Black on Black

    Doodle Co-ord 

Monki Doodle Trend Coord black on black Shirt
Monki Doodle Trend Coord Skirt Black on Black

This is perhaps my favorite of the bunch because I'm such a fan of mixing and matching. The ruching on the sleeves adds a touch of 30s/40s  glamor. I am also very intrigued by the idea that you have to be close up to see the details. It is like this co-ord has a fun little secret. It also makes it super easy to pair with anything without having to worry about the outfit looking too busy. I think that even after the doodle trend fades, this co-ord will still stay fashionable because it is more subtle. Paired together, I picture this with some lace-up espadrille wedges and, of course, my favorite combo, red lipstick and a matching red bag. 

Link to top: click here

Link to skirt: click here 

Close Up of Monki Doodle Trend Coord tshirt

5) Asos Doodle Tee

Asos Doodle Trend Tshirt

Here is another more casual style. This time in simple black and white but with a bigger and bolder design. I'd pair this for a simple black and white look with black jeans and booties. This one is selling out quickly so make sure you grab one fast! 

This t-shirt is no longer in stock but there is a very similar one available: click here


Doodle Jewelry

1) Ebay Face Earrings 

Ebay Doodle Trend Face Earrings

You probably have seen these on my Instagram @rhoyally_chic. I have looked at quite a few face earrings but I think these look the best and they're sooooo cheap! I paid under £3 for them with free shipping. Crazy, I know. I think the winky face lends them a sense of cheekiness in an otherwise sophisticated pair of earrings...and I just love the eyelash detailing. They also have a pair of hands which are also cute. 

Link to winky face earrings: click here 

Link to hand earrings: click here

2) Various Ebay Face Earrings 

Ebay Doodle Trend Face Earrings

For more options: click here 

3) Asos Silver Asymmetrical

     Face Earrings

Asos Doodle Face Assymetrical Earrings

These are very simple are unique. This is for the bolder girl who wants to be a bit different.

Link to asymmetrical earrings: click here

4) Asos Gold-Plated Face Earrings

Asos Gold Doodle Face Earrings

These earrings are gold plated so they are definitely of a higher quality (but also a substantially higher price compared to my eBay ones).  So it depends on how long you want them to last and how much you're willing to spend on earrings. However, they also look super cute and love the Picasso-esque style nose. Plus there is also a matching necklace!

Link to gold-plated earrings: click here

Link to matching gold-plated necklace: click here 


Hopefully, there is something in this list for everyone who wants to try out this trend. If you are looking for artwork in your home, I found two artists who are available for commissions so you can bring the minimalist doodle trend from your clothes and into your homes as well! Check out both @emilycatonthick and @christianespangsberg on Instagram to see their amazing work. 

Are you a fan of this trend? If so, which item on this list is your favorite? I'd love to know. 

Love, Rhoya