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Two-Tone Denim: The "It" Jeans You Need in 2018

Here is my guide to the "it" jeans of 2018: two-tone denim. Read further for why you need these jeans and for links to my pair as well as my ten other favorite budget-friendly options. 

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Visiting Versailles

This year, I was lucky to visit my great aunt and cousin in Paris. While I always enjoy spending quality time with my family, I had a very special time with them. As I am a history buff, my favorite thing that I did during my visit was visit the beautiful Palace of Versailles. 

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Gothic Romanticism

As I have spent 7 of my 23 years as a costume designer, saying I LOVE Halloween is an understatement!  Since I moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne, I decided to start a new Halloween tradition and take advantage of the beautiful Victorian cemeteries here for a gothic photoshoot. 

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