One Top, One Pair of Pants, Two Chic Outfits.


Half of the fun of fashion is coming up with new ways to style the same pieces. Think capsule wardrobe, but of course you don't need a capsule wardrobe to mix and match.


I wanted to create two simple outfits, using the same top and trousers to illustrate that restyling pieces doesn't have to be limited to rewearing the same top with something else. You can also rewear the whole base. Sometimes, just changing up the accessories can change things to create a whole new look.

My base outfit here consists of a linen waistcoat and white corduroy pants. One top, one pair of trousers, two chic outfits.


For the first outfit, I wanted to show off the unique waistcoat silhouette to make a statement. To keep the rest of the outfit simple, I wore plain nude shoes, neutral earrings, and a snakeskin clutch.


For the second outfit, I wanted to make the top look different. I decided to tuck it in the cords and wear a black belt. Then I wore black strappy sandals to match my accessories. I swapped the shell earrings for minimalist gold ones. And, I actually wore the same bag in the photos, but honestly it wasn’t my intention. I accidentally left my black clutch at home, however I thought the snakeskin clutch from the first outfit still worked out nicely with the second outfit. So essentially four small tweaks (tucking in, earrings, shoes, belt) created a whole new outfit.

Same, same but different!

Part of dressing more sustainably is not simply by buying from ethical brands, but also making sure you get the most wear out of each piece you buy. That's why it's so important to buy only what you love.


A great trick to discover whether you love an item, or are simply lusting after it, is to sleep on it. If you are still dreaming about an item a few days, or even weeks, later then chances are you'll wear it more often...and maybe by then it’ll be on sale as a bonus!


Which outfit do you prefer? Would love to hear your thoughts!

two outfits with the same top and pants