Two-Tone Denim: The "It" Jeans You Need in 2018

Rhoyally Chic Two-Tone Denim Jeans

Hello ladies, 

I want to talk to you about the "it" jeans of the year: two-tone denim. While my style usually tends to have more of a classic nature, this is one trend that I am crazy for. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this one! 

Rhoyally Chic Two-Tone Denim

I have been living in mine ever since I got them on sale last Christmas. My sister and I had to get our own pair each because we both loved them so much. They are reasonably high waisted and a straight leg, so they are incredibly comfy. In them, I feel like I am wearing those old raggedy pair of jeans we all know, for lounging around our house on the weekend while we do our chores. Except, I'm not. I'm wearing the coolest jeans I own, and that's the beauty of it. 

Rhoyally Chic Two-Tone Denim Jeans

Why The Two-Tone Denim Trend? 

What I love about this trend is that they instantly make any outfit so much more interesting. You can wear this with a plain t-shirt but all of a sudden your outfit has personality. When you look more fun, you have more fun. At least I do. You have to be confident to pull of these jeans because they make a big statement. But I think it is because of this that whenever I wear them, I end up feeling all the more courageous and ready to take on the day. 

Rhoyally Chic Two-Tone Denim Jeans

Here is the link for my specific pair at Urban Outfitters and luckily there are still plenty of sizes available—and it's on sale for $59 (click here). I have also gone through various sites to provide you with my other top 10 favorite budget-friendly alternatives. A girl loves to have plenty of choices, am I right? I recommend being proactive, because January sales are making things go like hotcakes!

(FYI: they're listed in no particular order)

Ten Other Two-Tone Denim Options

Option 1: click here  (on sale for only £21!) 

Option 2: click here (on sale for only £28!) 

Option 3: click here (plus size and only £14!)  

Option 4: click here (on sale for £40; a bit more expensive but they're way cool...and still cheap!) 

Option 5: click here (£30; for an even bolder choice for you brave girls out there) 

Option 6: click here (£25; for those of you who don't want to go too far out of the ordinary)

Option 7: click here ($79; great for a boho vibe)

Option 8: click here ($69; these are super cool and are tempting me...) 

Option 9: click here (on sale for only $25.89!)

Option 10: click here (on sale for only £17.50! Another bolder choice here.) 

Rhoyally Chic Two-Tone Denim

Which pair of all these choices is your favorite?